8 Steps to Mix Art and Science for Marketing Success

Some modern marketers suggest marketing is strictly science, driven by analytics data, calculated placement, and messaging. The science behind marketing often fails to consider long-term factors. Marketers who focus on a campaign’s immediate data, conversions and direction only regard the effects of short-term practices. This methodology is unsustainable when considering the need for stronger long-term building blocks in a detailed marketing plan.In reality, marketing demands a mix of both schools of thought. If formulated correctly, science and art work in conjunction to create successful modern marketing campaigns that return increased brand awareness, lead generation and revenue.Utilize science to determine major decisions while maximizing art’s abilities to engage audiences with aesthetically pleasing nuances.Understanding customer behavior and applying appropriate strategies is essential in balancing the science and art aspects of digital marketing. With regards to customer data, marketing is both science and art. Science will lead, measure and optimize content while art will inspire and create lead generation.To develop a balanced marketing approach of both science and art, consider these psychological factors that drive all consumer behavior:8 Steps to Mix Art and Science for Marketing SuccessEngagement: Create a sense of personalization, interest and curiosity. Make a positive connection between your target customer and your product or service.
Greed: Tap into your customer’s desire for a deal by showcasing value and competitive online offers.
Timing: Match advertising and product releases with seasonality and demand trends.
Authority: Consumers purchase from authority. When prices are equal, purchases are made based on perceived authority and assurance. Adjectives with positive connotations such as ‘largest’ and ‘best’ appeal to authority. Another key element in asserting authority concerns focusing on quality. The quality of your website, online promotions and when and where you advertise determines consumer assurance levels. Strategically crafted messages aimed at target audiences are all factors that increase perceived authority.
Association: Associate your product with something the consumer is already knowledgeable about or does.
Community: Everyone wants to belong. Create a sense of belonging in your sales process through testimonials, inclusive copy, and reviews. Doing this attracts audiences, increasing chances for improved lead conversion and sales revenue.
Satisfaction: Guarantee product satisfaction. If consumers think they cannot make a mistake with a purchase, they are more likely to convert. For instance, companies who offer a money back guarantee to unsatisfied customers eliminate an additional purchase barrier and show authority through professional promise.
Urgency: Typically, consumers will usually wait for the best deal before purchasing products and services. Provide incentive to close the sale by letting the consumer know why they should purchase now rather than later.

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Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening

Many people are talking about the benefits of hydroponic gardening systems. However, as of yet, these powerful alternatives to more traditional gardening have not fully caught on, but it’s definitely gaining ground. As more and more people are seeking ways to grow their own fruits and vegetables, this method is capturing quite a bit of attention. This environmentally friendly, space saving method of gardening is definitely something to be looked into if you’re considering growing your own foods.The benefits of whole food are well known. For many, gardening is a way of getting past rising food costs, and being better able to enjoy healthier foods- right from their gardens. Utilizing hydroponic supplies enables them to have a garden in virtually any space available without worry about season, temperature or weather conditions. This method has actually been around for quite some time, but with a recent push towards urban gardening, has been gaining steady popularity amongst both hobby and production based gardeners.Hydroponic gardening is basically, being able to have a garden without using soil. Utilizing a hydroponic gardening system, the plants that you intend to grow are put in a growth medium that allows for nutrients to be delivered directly to the roots. As plants do not actually require soil to thrive, many people find that soil is inefficient. The energy that is used in growing out healthy root systems in soil to find the water and nutrients could be better used in other ways. If readily available nutrition is there for those plants, they often grow up to 50% faster and more healthy.In utilizing hydroponic supplies, gardeners can gain better control over the nutrient balance in their plants. They can also have better spacing efficiency, utilizing a smaller root system, and reduce water waste with concentrated feeding. The pH of plants, as well as the nutrient levels are easier to maintain and measure. Having greater control over the gardening conditions can help gardeners not only increase the yield of produce, but also, ensure that crops are at their nutritional peak.Hydroponic gardening systems are also growing in popularity due to the potential benefits, both societal and environmental. Many have suggested that in using hydroponic supplies, a gardener can create more readily available food to those who may suffer impoverished conditions. Hydroponic gardening systems also ease strains on the environment- with hydroponic supplies that can be set up as recycling both nutrients and water, this reduces needed resources in food production. In these systems, they use as little as 10% of the water that soil-based agriculture needs. It also eliminates the need for pesticide and herbacide use, and fertilizer use is reduced to about 25% of what soil based gardens need.Hydroponic gardening systems can produce roughly the same amount of food as soil gardens, using 1/5 the space, and are not dependent on growing seasons in many cases. Artificially lit hydroponic gardens can yield year round production, an advantage over traditional gardening methods. Many urban areas already utilize hydroponic gardening systems, as seen in rooftop and basement gardens.

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Women’s Health, Menopause Is Not A Disease

When it comes to women’s health, menopause is not a disease. This is a natural process which occurs in the lives of women. Severity of a woman’s symptoms during this time can have much to do with how she views this time in her life. If her view of menopause is the end of youth and sexuality it will be a much more challenging time for her than if it is viewed as the next natural step of life. Most of the disagreeable side effects of menopause can be reduced, if not eliminated with exercise, proper diet, and nutritional supplements.Menopause is sometime referred to as the “change of life”. At this time a woman stops menstruation and ovulating. When it comes to women’s health, menopause is the end of fertility for the woman. Her ovaries mainly stop making hormones, progesterone and estrogen when her body stops ovulating. Estrogen is thought of as a sex hormone strictly tied to reproduction but it also acts on many different organs in the woman’s body. Estrogen receptor cells are in the bladder, breasts, vagina, skin, bones, arteries, liver, heart, and brain. They all require estrogen to fuel these receptors for normal cell function. The woman’s body uses estrogen to keep the skin smooth and moist, the arteries unclogged, and the body’s internal thermostat operating properly. Estrogen is essential for proper bone formation, thus creating problems for women’s health after the change of life.Other organs take over the job of producing estrogen from the ovaries and continue to produce some estrogen and other hormones. Endocrine glands as these organs are known secrete hormones to keep up proper bodily functions. For women’s health after menopause estrogen levels drop sharply but the hormone does not vanish completely.Osteoporosis in particular is a major problem for women’s health after menopause. Over time the diminished supply of estrogen and progesterone increase the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, vaginal atrophy as well as osteoporosis.Other symptoms that may affect women’s health can be mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, dizziness, depression, bladder problems, vaginal dryness and itching, burning and discomfort during sexual intercourse, poor libido, dryness and aging of the skin, heart palpitations, shortness of breath and insomnia. These symptoms are due to progesterone and estrogen deficiency. Some women however can go through menopause with no or few symptoms.Symptoms can be more severe for women who have their ovaries removed during hysterectomy and causing menopause to occur suddenly. Keeping at least one ovary when undergoing a hysterectomy will stop menstruating after surgery but these women will still go through menopause.Some women will start this change early and some will start later. The average age at menopause is around fifty. Not only is the menopausal period different for each individual woman the effects for women’s health can also be different for each woman.

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How to Cut Health Care Costs

Cost of health care can prove to be an elephant issue causing devastation in many a household. Even with grim reality of escalating costs of health, there is hope. You can learn how to get the most with what you have and cut care costs dramatically. With the following tips, the burden will lessen and you can look forward to a brighter and healthy future.Pay in cash
Many health care facilities have recorded losing a lot of money due to bills that were unpaid and in many cases high fees of processing credit cards. For this reason, a patient who is able to pay upfront in cash can get incentives and even discounts. In fact, paying in cash can land you on a 10 per cent discount. This is a great strategy that is sure to reduce your health care bill.Ask for a deal
Many people never take time to negotiate price with their health care provider. The truth is that if you take time to ask for a deal, you might get it. Many experts are looking to retain loyal customers since there are so many health care facilities and for this reason, many doctors with health care facilities will adjust their prices to suit their patients.Ensure bill accuracy
Many people who receive their medical bill never look at the details. According to research, there are many errors that occur and can increase the bill by a significant amount. Therefore, be keen and make sure that the bills are as per the agreement of the health care cost.Buy genericsThere is still a huge chunk of people who still believe that generics are all harmful. Legitimate generics are made in the image of brand name drugs. They will cost you much less and will greatly play a part in easing your burden accordingly.Avoid sickness
Since prevention is better than cure, improve on your food choices and cut bad habits like smoking. Also, employ exercises and this will go a long way to keep away common health problems that may come. It has to be a choice for a healthy lifestyle which will in the long term reduce your health care costs.Take in plenty of water and embrace green vegetables and stay away from refined flour and sugars. These simple changes can be the difference between life and death and prevention measures in care is definitely the way to go for all people all over the world.

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The Art of Brokering Commercial Loans

Doc’s Secret # 2: Biggest Mistake of the New Commerical BrokerI take many calls each day as “The Money Doctor”. I receive tons of calls from broker’s around the country. These are all good, honest hardworking people. Many of these calls could have been avoided because the beginning commercial broker is not aware of the proper and proven operating strategies.The conversation typically goes like this:”Hey Doc, I’m new at this and I just landed a mega deal. Are you sitting down? I have signed an exclusive with a borrower for a $25M dollar deal to finance a health care facility. I sold the client that I could get the cash for him. My question is this: “Doc, where can I get a loan for this guy?”My heart goes out to the broker and to the client! “Why didn’t you find the lender first , find out what areas the lender is interested in and what their requirements are? Then advertise for that certain type of loan? If you did this, then when your future clients call you would know where to take the loan and your clients would be seeking that specific type of loan.If you did it this way, then all you have to do is qualify the borrower, collect the documents and package them to your lender’s request. That is much easier and will cause fewer gray hairs!
Unfortunately, these brokers are calling because they didn’t do it that way. Now the broker is scrambling for a lender , while stalling the borrower: not a good position to be in! The chances of success, of obtaining a commission on that $25M lead is slim, unless of course he wants to co-broker (and of course I’ll be happy to help! J)Please the secret here is simple. Many brokers suffer from Lender Phobia. They are literally afraid to speak to the “Checkwriter”. Do yourself a favor and call some lenders and interview them. Lenders expect to be called by professionals. They make money when you bring them good loans. They want your business.There are many broker friendly commercial lenders. It is important for your career to begin to groom your lending relationships. These are the people that will put money into your pocket month after month.To Your Success!

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High Antique Furniture Values Are Big Business

Antique furniture values are the whole basis for pricing purpose within the antique furniture business. Old collectible items are considered antiques. The factors to be considered are the age, beauty, rarity, condition, utility, personal emotional connection, and other unique features of an item. Any antique object is a representative of the past, a period of human society. Antiques are valued for their worth. Everyday furniture of previous generations is antique now.Furniture are movable pieces of objects humans used, and are continually being used, to support basic activities such as seating and sleeping. There are a number of furniture types. Movable objects at home and working areas are considered furniture. These are the tables, chairs, beds, desks, dressers, cupboards, and other similar items.The antique furniture values refer to the worth of these pieces or objects when sold and bought. The business of buying and selling antiques is a very lucrative one. The proceeds in the buying and selling of old furniture are high. The antique furniture values are getting higher as time passes by. Most antique objects, not only furniture, are getting more valuable as time goes on.Wealthy individuals have the resources to buy old furniture. They have the sole intention of buying the antique items and afterwards selling the same for higher prices. Other rich people who may have historical and sentimental notions are also bent on buying old furniture, as family possessions and not for resale. These are some reasons that antique furniture values are getting higher.Investing in antique furniture is a good business move. Collecting of antique objects is a hobby at the start but can prove to be a good business decision in the end. If there is available capital to invest in the business of buying and selling old furniture, place the available resources with no hesitations. It can prove to be an excellent income earner.The business involving antique items can be profitable in the future. Furniture is one of the movable objects included in the valuable business of antique buying and selling. Investors in the business of buying and selling old furniture are not risking their money. Investments are getting more valuable as times move on.The antique pieces of furniture are getting more valuable as time passes. This is the case even if there are no buyers at the time of purchase or thereabout. The items for sale are gaining in value even if there are no takers. Unlike other items on sale that are getting less valuable as time passes. Antiques are getting more expensive instead of depreciating in their worth in monetary value as time goes on.People with both historical perspective and financial resources are aware that investment in any antique is a potential big income earner. Collecting antique furniture requires an amount of money not available to all. The antique furniture values are being increased as time passes by. Those persons with financial resources are making big business in the antique furniture buy and sell transactions. A hobby is transformed into a business, not an ordinary kind of business.

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Quick Payday Loan Options Are Easy to Get Online

When you need money quickly between paydays, because you have a mechanical problem with your car or a medical emergency, quick payday loan options are available. With the online payday loan companies, you can get a quick payday loan in just a few hours. The eligibility requirements are basic and the application process is simple with the quick payday loan options that are available. You simply sign your documents electronically and the money can be direct deposited in your bank account.If you are searching for a quick payday loan, they are easy to find on the Internet, with your personal computer. Many people don’t know where to turn, when faced with an unexpected emergency that requires some extra cash. With a quick short term loan transaction, you can get the money you need, without stress and hassle. It used to be that you could ask your employer for an advance on your check, but many employers no longer offer this option. When it comes to asking your relatives or your friends, you might not want to go through this humiliation and they might not have extra cash to loan.Most people that are faced with these unforeseen situations that occur between paydays are already going through stress and anxiety. When you are facing a short-term cash shortage, a quick payday loan gives you peace of mind and an easy repayment plan to fit your budget. Because the fees are nominal, you might be able to save expense by borrowing the money this way. Think about the late fees and other charges you might incur and you can see how you may be able to save money with a quick loan of this type.When you are experiencing a cash flow problem because of an unexpected happening, it is no reason to panic because a quick payday loan can relieve your stress and solve your problem quickly. If you are concerned about the fact you have bad credit history, it is possible you will find an instant approval and lenient terms, as long as you meet other simple guidelines. For most people, the quick payday loan is the easiest way to get the money you need and nobody needs to know about your financial situation.If you take advantage of the quick short term loan options that are available, you can use your personal computer and Internet access to get the process completed quickly. In fact, you never need to leave your home or office because the entire process can be handled over the computer. When you are faced with the need to get money quickly, they are a simple transaction to complete online.You just need to complete a few simple steps and the money can be direct deposited into your bank account, the same day if you choose expedited bank transfer for a nominal fee. For most people, the ease and convenience are the main reasons that the quick payday loan is the best solution, but for others the quick and hassle-free way to get money between paydays, gives peace of mind.

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Restraint of Trade Clauses in Employment Contracts

Under UK law an employee has a duty of fidelity to his employer while working for them. This duty is implied in the contract of employment. The question often arises as to whether an employer can enforce contractual obligations on the employee after the expiration of the employment contract. In certain situations, the answer is yes. One tool that can be used to achieve this is a restraint of trade clause.The restraint of trade clause is a contractual term that expressly restricts an employee’s freedom to work, once the current employment relationship ceases. Such a clause will only be upheld by the Courts, if it is reasonable as between the parties and where it is consistent with the interests of the public. The pubic interest is that society should not be deprived of the services of a skilled workforce. The question of what is reasonable is considered on a case by case basis. In practice, the clause must go no further than is reasonable for the protection of the employer’s business.Restraint of trade clauses usually contain restrictions on the employee’s ability to work in a geographical area, or for a defined length of time. It is not uncommon or illegal for an employer to restrict a former employee from working within a fixed geographical area, or from working with a rival business to the former employer for a period of time after the cessation of the contract of employment. However, the restrictions must not be excessive. What is excessive depends on the nature of the work in question and the structure of the business.Decided cases in the United Kingdom have upheld restraint of trade clauses that prevent a former employee working with a rival business and from canvassing former clients of the employer for a period of twelve months post contract.Courts have also declared unreasonable and void restraint clauses that prevent a person from doing business within a 25 mile radius of London.A clause that purports to cover a worldwide restriction is unlikely to be upheld. The narrower and more specialist the market in question, the more likely the clause is to be upheld.It is more likely that a Court will uphold a clause as reasonable where it prevents the former employee from soliciting former clients, or from disclosing company secrets rather than stopping the former employee from working at all. Clearly a restraint clause which prevents a former employee from taking up a business which doesn’t compete with the former employer is unlawful.Where a restraint of trade clause is capable of several interpretations, some of which are considered reasonable, some of which are unreasonable, judges can sever the offending parts and enforce the remainder.Where a former employee breaches a restraint of trade clause, he is guilty of breach of contract. Such a breach gives rise to an action on behalf of the former employer for damages. It is difficult to assess the level of damages, some Courts measure damages at the level of the employee’s gain rather than the employer’s loss.A useful way for a former employer to prevent a former employee from breaching the terms of a restraint clause in an employment contract, is to seek an interlocutory injunction restraining the breach. In an application for injunctive relief the Court will have regard to whether there is a serious issue to be tried and will grant the injunction if it is of the view that the balance of convenience lies on the side of the employer. In UK decisions, other factors such as the likelihood of trade secrets being disclosed to third parties have been considered in granting the relief.However, if the practical effect of enforcing the injunction is to compel the employee to continue working for the employer, the injunction for specific performance of the employment contract will not be granted.The question of the enforceability of restraint of trade clauses is a fertile ground for litigation, both for employers and employees and can play a significant role in the formation of the contract of employment.

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Online Yoga

A large number of online yoga programs have now been started on the Internet. This is extremely good news for people who do not have the time to attend full time regular yoga classes and those who are unable to find yoga class which is situated close to their homes or offices. A lot of websites on the Internet will conduct these online yoga classes at absolutely no extra cost. But people who would like to join these online yoga classes should be aware of certain things before they do so.People should be aware of the various advantages and benefits which can be achieved by attending these online yoga classes. The overall physical capability and flexibility of the person will improve and the different organs and systems in the body will also function in a better manner. Yoga which is done on a regular basis will help in getting rid of all the stress and strain which is present inside the body. It will help in establishing a proper rhythm for the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the individual. The person will be able to deal with various situations in his everyday life in a more balanced manner.Most of the websites which offer these online yoga classes will be offering them at absolutely no extra cost and this is one of the main reasons as to why people prefer to go for these online yoga classes instead of the regular classes. Some of these websites will send e-mails to their students providing detailed instructions while some others will provide newsletters. There are many websites where complete videos containing instructions for doing yoga exercises can be downloaded and saved onto your computer. Every person can select the website to learn yoga depending on their individual preferences and conveniences. But it is important to understand the instructions which are being provided in these online yoga classes properly in order to avoid any kind of injury or health complication.Before selecting a website for online yoga classes, people should also be aware of the fact that there are different categories under which yoga can be sub-divided and they should select the category which is suitable to their physical condition. Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Bikram Yoga are some of the sub categories of yoga. There are also many different levels of doing yoga.Hence people who are just starting their yoga exercises should make sure that they are not trying something which is way too advanced for their experience. They should ensure that the instructions which they are following are meant strictly for beginners only. Yoga classes for more advanced levels will also be available on the Internet at very reasonable prices. A large number of yoga teachers can be found with the help of the Internet and people should collect all the information regarding a specific yoga teacher before enrolling for their classes.

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Keep These 5 Rules in Mind for Successful Commercial Designing

Who doesn’t want an excellent commercial design? Excellent commercial design is important to maintain the reputation and brand image of the company. As it is said, the first impression is the last impression, a good impression always attracts potential customers. It’s obvious no one would ever love to walk in a congested environment with bad lighting.

Bad design and interiors deteriorate the productivity of the employees. It can be a confusing task when planning a commercial designing project for the first time, hiring expert Commercial Architects Melbourne can be the best option to know about the latest trends and perfect matching designs.

This blog is about some basic rules to consider for making the commercial project successful.
Keep structures versatile

When it comes to transforming any commercial space, focusing on convertibility and keeping office interior decor versatile can be the best option. It can be done by implementing a versatile structure to spaces such as cafeterias, offices, and many more. Everyone gives preference to comfort hence, focusing on spatial and versatile design will help to complete commercial designing projects in an optimal way.

Consider the latest technology implementations

Technology plays a supportive role to enhance the commercial designing project. Moving forward with the latest technology is important to execute any business smoothly because technologies make the work much easier and comfortable for the employee as well as organizations. Implementing centralized and decentralized digital control is much needed in any commercial design.

Keep office aesthetics updated

Good aesthetics and interiors impact the overall representation of the office and make the place functional and attractive. Hire a reputed designer for modern d├ęcor and furniture ideas. Hiring a designer reduces half of the project stress and helps to meet the contemporary fashion and latest trends. They can help to choose the perfect theme that blends well with the office decor, atmosphere, and colour.

Provide personalized space to prevent congestion

Majority of customer prefers personalized space such as different seating to seat comfortably and do the personal work. Personalized space is one of the crucial factors for customer-based service offices such as hotels and cafeterias to provide an ambient and comfortable place.

Always keep safety first

Safety is the central feature of every construction and designing project. Hence, it’s the high-priority factor to keep the aesthetic and functional safety at the working place. It can be compromised for interior decoration and design purposes but it’s not at all affordable to compromise for safety purposes.

Following the above useful ideas can easily help in the successful completion of a commercial designing project in a safe and pleasing way. In today’s, modern construction, reliability, and comfort is also an equally important factor.

Final words,

It’s important to hire the experienced Building designer Melbourne to make the commercial designing project worthy. Hope the above rules helped you to scale up your interior designing projects with a better outcome. Follow the above tips for any renovation or remodelling project and surely you will get award-winning and achieve a better office experience.

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